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Why You Should Choose a Non-Captive Insurance Agency

If you’ve been looking for an insurance company for quite some time, then you’ve probably encountered captive and non-captive agencies during your search. Although both can provide you the policies you need, one might suit you better than the other.

In this article, we’ll be focusing more on non-captive agents and how they can benefit you.

The Advantages of Non-Captive Insurance Agencies

Non-Captive Insurance Agency

Non-captive agencies don’t work for one insurance company, so they’re allowed to purchase insurance that come from different businesses. This independence is very useful—especially when not all companies provide the same amount or type of coverage.

They also aren’t tied to the strict regulations of the industry. This means they have more freedom and the ability to do the following to expand their brand:

  • Be objective with the different prices, policies, and services offered by various insurers
  • Cross-sell into other kinds of insurance
  • Sell policies through another insurer if the primary insurer cannot write the policy

Plus, they can understand their clients better. Since they’re able to access an array of policies, they can provide insurance plans that perfectly suit the needs of the insured.

The Cons

However, non-captive insurance agencies do have a number of pitfalls and most of them affect the insurer. Like what was mentioned earlier, non-captive companies are independent. Thus, they have to use their personal resources to start their business.

Even if they do earn well in a year, a portion of their savings is spent on lead generation and advertisements. Additionally, their livelihood is dependent on the number of commissions they have, so it’s not uncommon to encounter some non-captive agents who hard sell their services.

Due to the independence of non-captive insurance agencies, they might not be as stable or have as much support as captive agents. However, if you find a non-captive company that has a good book for business, you’ll end up getting the reliable coverage you need at just the right price.

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